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Media Sales

Dunay Associates, LLC focuses on delivering solid results to our media partners. We partner with them to sell their media and ad space. Our clients include digital media as well as traditional print and web based properties.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Sales

Over the years we have successfully sold sponsorships and exhibition spaces for media clients hosting these events. Our experience is in both live events and virtual forums. 

Readership Research

It is important for media firms to be able to tell their advertisers who their audience is. Secondly, a publisher has to know who their audience is as well in order to produce content that is both compelling and engaging to this audience. We can undertake such tasks and work with people with decades of experience in conducting readership research for print media and digital.

We keep you in front of your customers

Our sales representatives go beyond just sending out the occasional e-mail blast. We provide you with a low cost professional presence in front of your customers. We are on the phone, at industry events or wherever we need to be to put you in front of your clients. 

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Why should I use an outside firm?

In today's world media providers have to employ the most effective and efficient resources across their whole organization. Utilizing an outside firm gains you the advantage of an up and running professional sales team without the overhead associated with an in-house staff.

Is an outside sales solution really as effective as having an in-house team?

Absolutely! Our professionals are remunerated through commission and are highly motivated to make every possible sale. We win the sale and everybody wins. 

But you really don't know our market so how can you sell effectively?

Neither do most sales people when you hire them. However, working in partnership with our media providers they contribute the specific sector knowledge to help our sales people represent them professionally. Rather than you having to go through the trouble to recruit, hire, train, provide workspace, benefits etc we do all that. This is a huge savings for publishers in time, resources and budgets. 

Bottom line is we allow you to operate efficiently focusing on what you do best, publish quality products. 

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