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Media Sales Professionals


Dunay Associates has helped media firms grow their advertising revenue since 2009. As a member of our team you will be able to draw on the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals no matter what stage of your career you are in. Our independent agents have a common commitment to excellence that drives their growth. 

Dunay Associates LLC’s culture recognizes and nurtures talent. We value members who invest in their career and development. We offer a dynamic challenging opportunity handling multiple titles and media types. Attributes that we seek are resourcefulness, creativity, advanced problem-solving abilities, high energy, high call volume and most importantly the ability to work independently. 

Our most successful independent reps have the opportunity to create a great lifestyle for themselves. Whether you have prior media sales experience or if you are seeking to break into the media and advertising world we would like to hear from you. Successful representatives will have the following:

  1. Be fully equipped to work remotely and on the go with the necessary knowledge to keep your devices working and how to use essential business software and applications.
  2. Dedication – putting in the time to make the calls and follow-up
  3. Be creative to assemble compelling presentations and get through to decisionmakers. 
  4. Drive – keep in mind that in sales every no gets you one step closer to the next yes.
  5. Strong presentation skills both verbal and digital
  6. More senior reps should have at least two years of successful media sales experience

We encourage those who work hard to play even harder. Successful independent reps know how to balance and you will need to be able to determine what is right for you. Sometimes it isn’t the more you work the more you earn it is a mix of the harder and smarter you work the more you earn. 

What can Dunay Associates do for you –

  • Publisher paperwork
  • Payment of commissions – no need to create invoices, track invoices etc
  • Publisher acquisition and retention
  • Record keeping – you receive a 1099 from us thus no need to maintain detailed records of commissions
  • Training on market and information specific to the publications you work on
  • No need to maintain a website or business social media sites. You will be covered through ours
  • A supportive environment to grow your skills and income
  • Our independent reps receive
  • Competitive commission packages
  • Opportunities to increase earnings through incentives
  • Unique learning opportunities
  • Company paid NAPR membership for those who qualify
  • The opportunity to grow with the company
  • Unique lifestyle opportunities allowing you the opportunity to live the life you want 

Interested in getting involved in the sharp end of the media business? If you have the above qualities and the drive to create the lifestyle for yourself you desire then get in contact with us today at 

Note for Independent Contractors

Dunay Associates prides itself in transparency. In this spirit we use the industry standard NAPR agreements produced by the National Association of Publishers Representatives.