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Advertising & Media Sales

Our firms number one function is to provide a ready made up and running sales organization for media providers of all types. Print, digital, app based, web/online based or anyother media form. 

Sponsorship & Exhibition Sales

You produce events whether in person live events or on-line, virtual, webhosted or other types of events then you need to monetize them. We will do that for you by selling sponsorships or even your exhibition spaces.

Readership Research

Knowing who your readers are is the lifeblood of your media firms success. Tailoring your editorial to keep readers engaged is hard to do when you don't know who they are. Selling advertising is almost impossible if you can't tell the advertisers who will be reading their message. We have resources to put this together for you.

Other Advantages

We also provide professional sales staff for your trade shows your firm attends. This is a great venue to meet new advertisers and cement established relationships. We simply ask you reimburse the airfare and hotel and we take care of the other expenses such as entertainment, staff meals etc. 

Types of Compensation

As most of our peers we base our compensation on a balance of commission, fees and draw type payments. Which mix works best varies on the media firm, their level of maturity, the amount of work involved in the task and the level of success they are seeking. Really, no two are the same as it is important to us to put together plans that all parties are happy with. That is success.

What about us?

Reach out to us so we can discuss how we can help you. Each client is different and we want to hear your story. Then we can work with you on writing the next chapter in it.

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